• Food Replacement Hacks for a Healthier Life
    By Dr. Trevor Tew Trying to live a healthy lifestyle can be a struggle, but with a few small swaps in the pantry, we can make a substantial difference. Below are Read more
  • Reasons Running Improves Your Health
    By Dr. Trevor Tew Running is one of the most readily available exercise options. The saying “exercise is the best medicine” isn't only a great catchphrase, but also the truth. Running Read more
  • Tips and Benefits of Meal Prepping
    By Dr. Trevor Tew Imagine what life would be like if we didn't have to set aside a chunk of our day preparing a meal for the family. When the majority Read more
  • Importance of Stretching
    By Dr. Trevor Tew Stretching pre and post-workout is an important addition to any exercise process. Stretching keeps the body flexible and strong while also maintaining mobility in our joints. If Read more
  • Hiking Pack Necessities
    By Dr. Trevor Tew Whether you're doing a casual day hike to your favorite waterfall or tackling a challenging summit, it's crucial to have the proper equipment in your backpack. As Read more
  • 3 Healthy Meals for the On-the-Go Lifestyle
    By Dr. Trevor Tew It's always a struggle during these summer months to keep our diets well balanced. When your days are packed with work, appointments, and errands with the kids Read more
  • Benefits of Strength Training for Women
    By: Dr. Trevor Tew Women often have a difficult time finding an effective way to lose weight. From fad diets to the group fitness classes, it feels like nothing ever works. Read more
  • Importance of Self-Care
    By: Dr. Trevor Tew The majority of us live our lives on the go, spending our time catering to others and getting our daily tasks done. The importance of self-care is Read more
  • Getting A Restful Night's Sleep In The Land of The Midnight Sun
    By: Dr. Trevor Tew Alaskans live in the land of the midnight sun; which means long, bright, summer days, and nights. It's likely that you will go to sleep later than Read more
  • Don't Let Summer Keep You From Your Goals
    By Dr. Trevor Tew “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” - Zig Ziglar When we have summers as beautiful Read more
  • Staying Hydrated During Alaska's Summer Months
    By Dr. Trevor Tew The time has finally come to enjoy our incredible Alaska summers. When we’re out adventuring; whether that's hiking, biking, running, or just enjoying the long summer nights, Read more


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "How has spinal decompression therapy improved my life?

    I’ve had varying degrees of persistent back pain for years. Slipping on the ice this winter added a new issue - leg pain. I was running out of non-surgical options. That is until I met Dr. Trevor Tew and underwent rehabilitation therapy with the Accu-Spina system. The persistent pain is now gone and I can move without restriction (and cringing).

    I admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but more scared that if I did nothing to correct the issues that surgery would be the only option. Making the decision to allow the Accu-Spina system to help is probably the best medical decision I’ve ever made. Throughout the entire treatment process Dr. Tew carefully monitored my progress and made adjustments when necessary so that I could obtain optimal results. The therapy combined with exercises has made me feel stronger and more educated about the mechanics of my spine and what I can do to take good care of it."
    Diane H. Kozak