Tips and Benefits of Meal Prepping

By Dr. Trevor Tew

Imagine what life would be like if we didn't have to set aside a chunk of our day preparing a meal for the family. When the majority of us strive to live a healthy lifestyle, coming up with different meals seems like a grueling task. If you're tired of the temptation of ordering in or going to the closest restaurant, The solution is simple: Meal Preparation. Meal prepping consists of planning and preparing your weekly meals and snacks with the intention of keeping yourself on the healthy track you strive for. This Wellness Wednesday I'm going to explain some of the benefits of meal prepping and talk about a few tips that will keep your meal prep stress free.

Temptation Removal- We have all been there. When we open the fridge to only realize we have nothing on hand. We have two options: hop in the car and head to the nearest drive-thru, or drag ourselves to the grocery store. Meal prepping takes away that struggle by having meals you prepared at your fingertips. Having planned in advance, you will have a much easier time staying on track. 

Grocery Shopping Ease- Once you have come up and planned the meals for your week, it makes grocery shopping effortless. The aimless walk down every aisle will be a thing of the past when you show up prepared to only worry about the things on your list. This not only keeps your shopping time to a minimum but your wallet full by avoiding unnecessary purchases. 

Variety to your Meals- When you have the mindset to bring awareness and thought into your meals, you're able to plan accordingly for the necessary nutrients your body needs. This keeps your creativity at its peak and helps to stray away from those basic meals you make out of habit. 

Reduces Food and Packaging Waste- When you have a list of ingredients you need, you avoid buying items you think might need. Meal prepping also causes you to purchase in bulk. When buying in bulk, you are reducing the amount of packaging waste you throw out. Do your part by storing those reusable bags in the car, alongside your reusable food containers ready to be filled after the cooking is finished.

As you can see there are numerous benefits to meal preparation. Having meals for the day prepared and personalized with fresh ingredients alleviates stress, saves money, and keeps your healthy lifestyle on track. The best way to successfully tackle the prep is to set aside a day of the week that works best to shop, cook, and package your meals. I challenge you to give it a shot and enjoy all of the benefits that come with a good meal prep plan. 


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