Benefits of Strength Training for Women

By: Dr. Trevor Tew

Women often have a difficult time finding an effective way to lose weight. From fad diets to the group fitness classes, it feels like nothing ever works. If this is something you can relate to, it may be time to come up with a new plan. Resistance training has the ability to build muscle, burn calories, and lose fat all at the same time. This Wellness Wednesday we are going to talk about a few key benefits woman can achieve through strength training.

Ability to burn calories and lose fat all day long- Studies show that strength training increases your resting metabolic rate, which is also known as your RMR. When your RMR is increased, your body is continually burning calories up to 24 hours after your workout. When our metabolisms are working at this rate, the ability to shed fat is much easier! The average female has 10% more body fat than the male body, which is why the weight loss process feels slow going. The good news is, by increasing your muscle mass, the adipose tissue of the body will quickly start to diminish. Trying to target specific problem areas will get you nowhere. A well rounded and diverse exercise routine is the best bet for fat reduction. Incorporate your core, upper body, and lower body and you’ll achieve your desired results.

“Bulking” is bogus- It is a common misconception that strength training will cause women to become “Bulky”. The truth is, lifting weights helps shape and curve the body. Strength training not only burns calories and fat but shapes and accentuates the natural curves of the body. While hours on the treadmill or elliptical help burn calories, lifting weights will supercharge your fat loss efforts.

Reduce chances of Osteoporosis- By the age of 30, female bone density has reached its maximum strength. Additionally, estrogen levels decrease in women when reaching menopause. Statistically shown, 80% of individuals who are diagnosed with osteoporosis are women. With this knowledge of the bodies estrogen levels decreasing, and stagnant bone strength density, it's important to be aware and takes all precautions possible. With a daily strength training routine, you will not only decrease chances of osteoporosis but improve your overall health and wellness.

The key to strength training is to find the approach that works for you and run with it. Whether that is a group strengthening class like Crossfit or orange theory fitness, or possibly a gym membership at a local gym near you. The more you are engaged and enjoy it, the more likely you’ll continue to pursue your fitness goals. Strength training does not need to be a male-dominated form of exercise, so get yourself out there and find your niche. 


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  • "How has spinal decompression therapy improved my life?

    I’ve had varying degrees of persistent back pain for years. Slipping on the ice this winter added a new issue - leg pain. I was running out of non-surgical options. That is until I met Dr. Trevor Tew and underwent rehabilitation therapy with the Accu-Spina system. The persistent pain is now gone and I can move without restriction (and cringing).

    I admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but more scared that if I did nothing to correct the issues that surgery would be the only option. Making the decision to allow the Accu-Spina system to help is probably the best medical decision I’ve ever made. Throughout the entire treatment process Dr. Tew carefully monitored my progress and made adjustments when necessary so that I could obtain optimal results. The therapy combined with exercises has made me feel stronger and more educated about the mechanics of my spine and what I can do to take good care of it."
    Diane H. Kozak